18 February, 2011

Unplanned Vacation turned Greed for Self Re-invention.

While expecting the news from my supervisor on when the office will be opened for work this year, I rather heard him on the phone say he would be travelling for four weeks and I should take this as a vacation for myself. Though I'd barely worked with the company for a month. This is four weeks to be precise.

Within these four weeks, I have come across several online materials to assist me on my job, not just because I do PR, but these will evidently help me as an individual who wants to succeed in all I do. Within this period of my vacation (which I didn't bargain for), I have been following successful biz gurus on twitter and I have subscribed to several online platforms. Really, my learning consumption is increasing by the day and as part of what I have achieved, is an online test Certificate of Completion on Managing Supplier Performance (an online purchasing course I took).

I have read Stephen M.R.Covey's The Speed of Trust once before and I am reading it for the second time. This is because there are loads of things to be learnt from the text at the same time, I am reading Ashley Wirthlin's Public Relations Book: A Guide to Public Relations Best Practices, Social Media, and PR Careers. I have downloaded E-books on how to write news releases and how to utilize social media. I read not because I want to impress myself but because I have to demonstrate what I have learnt and what I will learn as I progress in time. I spent my four academic years learning how to read, write, and be analytic. The authentic reading and writing starts now for the self re-invention. This is because self re-invention is what will make me remain indispensable in today's flat world.