09 May, 2011

RATIONALISATION: 1 of my bad habits.

About two years ago, my partner and I strolled into a religious building which we are familiar with and we discovered the clergymen had some audio gears which we were in need of and if we had asked for any of them, chances are that we will not receive. At a corner in the audio store was lying a pair of a beautiful mini speaker purchased maybe by worship days' offerings or some form of donations but this output gear was being under utilized. With none watching, the gear was gone. What's popping in your mind? No. Yes, you dudes stole. What? You are an accuser of the brethren.

I had reasons to justify our actions even if we were seen and called to the outer court, though my partner was not sure if the act was right or wrong (by the way, he was the one who took the gear) I gave him several reasons justifying our act: 
  • the first was that it was purchased from the missionary's purse (offerings, donations etc).
  • the second was that the gear was under utilized and I believed the Creator of the universe would not have been happy about the condition of the gear.
  • the third was based on our need.
  • the fourth was that (an assumption), if we had asked, our need would not be meet.

Recently while in church for a mundane Sunday service, I heard the preacher talked about certain acts which we ought to desist from in a sermon titled the dangers of spiritual window shopping and she made several comments about standing straight with God. What struck me was her comment on restitution even though I have heard about it a million times. I gave in.

While having my brief bible study, I read  Hebrews 4 from the NKJV and verse 15 says For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all point tempted as we are, yet without sin. The High Priest was in all points tempted as we are, this caused me to put on my thinking cap and questions began popping in my mind. Was the High Priest tempted with sex? Did He ever had a girl friend in the first place or did He see nude babes? Did married women offered Him sex? Did He ever thought of living a luxurious life style like present day monarchs and missionaries? Was He in charge of the temple's treasury and in need of money for His personal up-keep and took from it without being authorized?