16 January, 2012

What's up peeps? Ki lon sele? Allow me make use of the slang of that Ijebu-ode boy with UK residency, Bobo Omotayo, "ki lon sparkles?"
2012 A.D is here, I guess everybody is optimistic and ready for its challenges as well.
By the way, what are your plans for the 2012?
Plans really are subjective, I must tell you.
As for me, I will always get better on every side I find my self.

Hehehehe, not forgetting the issue of Nigeria, on the first day in the New Year (2012), a new price for premium motor spirit (PMS) oft known as fuel was introduced due to the removal of fuel subsidy. @ the moment, Nigerians are agitating since the removal of subsidy implies an increase in the cost of fuel as well as other products/services necessary for daily survival and the running cost of ventures. It is funny to know that fuel can be likened to other products @ retail markets where consumers and sellers negotiate for prices. A good example to buttress this, is the price of a measurement of beef. I bet, you'll find both parties bargaining for the best price, this is what fuel in Nigeria, a major contributor to the world, has become. Fuel in Nigeria is like beef and ice fish.

You want to read more se?
Ehn, wait a bit for matters arising.