11 February, 2012

My Alma Mater @ 50.

Sorry for keeping you peeps waiting. This is unlike me, you know. Anyways, it hasn't been funny since after the pump price for PMS is now N97 though, Nigerians are beginning to adjust to the circumstance which they never bargained for. While most salaries do not measure up with new N97 PMS for most workers, the Federal Government still places civil servants on hold after motivating them to work their butt out without rewards at the agreed time. Thank God, NYSC paid me yesterday after the extra 3days of waiting. I am happy, I spent my Friday night in Unilag, my Alma Mater.

I am proud to have gotten my B.A(Hons) from the University of First Choice which houses the best department of Philosophy in black African Continent (NUC award recipient). Unilag prides herself as an academic environment known for 'Learning Through Knowledge And Research'. Her Senate House is second to none, behind it, is the Lagoon front meant for relaxation where one could have a view of the third mainland bridge.The Botanical Garden shares the same location with Lagoon front right behind the Faculty of Engineering where one will find greens and animals with WIFI connectivity for your internet. The guys and babes alongside numerous social events that go down in Unilag are not left out. If you have not visited Unilag while in Lagos, you are very very wrong. Gbam! 

The service, which was meant to steer the celebration, commenced at about 18:00hrs last night. It was called a 'Special Holy Ghost Night' and this happened to be my first. It was graced by returning students whom having been kept from their classes in the past 2months due to ASUU/FG face-off. The past VC, Prof. I. Obe as well as his wife were in attendance, the incumbent, Prof. Adetokunbo Babatunde Shofoluwe in the entourage of the Uni's Management board was there as well as other Senior Pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, while Pastor E.A. Adeboye ministered. The AV was good, I must say. Sport centre, as it is popularly called, was optimized with proper crowd control measures in place and then the time which the attendees were waiting for, arrived. 

Daddy G.O, as he is known to be called, preached on the theme for the event 'JUBILEE' with core the bible verse taken from the book of Leviticus, chapter 25. Daddy G.O took his time to explain what the theme means and all the phrases which he used to connote JUBILEE began with the letter 'R'. And trust the man of God, he uttered words of wisdom as well as prophecies.

Being a former academic of the University of first Choice, he didn't underestimate the thinking processes of the academics should they not believe his analogies during the cause of his sermon.

I was surprised to see Unilag's Pope of Logic at the Service to celebrate the University's Golden Jubilee, which ended a few hours ago. Hmmm, one wonders if Dr. D.O. Anele intends to logically examine the words from the Lord through the man of God, using Venn diagrams.
The hour of prayers came, souls were saved by God's grace, cultists dissociated the brotherhoods for Christ and those who came in wheel chairs, walked back home. I witnessed all of these.