30 May, 2012

The abuses channeled to Mr. President since January till date are way too much. Though he makes inept decisions which we all have to bear the burdens, yet he still remains the President. We should respect him. Remember, you voted for him.

The ones I feel sober for the most are those who argue out of reason. I read a comment on facebook an hour ago about the change of name of Unilag and it reads "...they should just accept their baptismal name. What has been done, has been done..." and this made me to ask myself this question: Is this person conscious of the document backing the establishment of the university of Lagos at all? When I realized that not every person with clothes on walking on the streets of Lagos are aware of their existence, I decided to drop this letter.

Critiques of the civil disobedience carried out by UNILAG students yesterday which has entered its second day today, please be aware that the varsity of Lagos was established by an Act of Parliament in April, 1962. If the it was military head of state that changed the name of the varsity by mere pronunciation, it would be a different issue all together. At the moment, we have a democratically elected government in place that have lost itself in the "they world" thus forgetting the processes through which Acts of Parliaments are being made.