07 October, 2013

A Hopeful Node.

In executing a tactic towards achieving a goal of my life’s next phase
I met her a size 8, a bit fairer than I & a few millimetres below my fraises
We shook hands and I concluded a bond would be worth the purchase
In no short while we bonded like a brace

I loved her & refused on being implicit towards her
The life, the team, the home I never felt cannot measure to what I desire with her
The career she pursues fits that of a woman I envisioned years before I met her
And her onliest, a subset on why I hunger for her

My mind and body are undeterred to make that sacrifice for her and the seeds to be birthed
Yet I wait in line to secure her approval
Like I, I shut my eyes unto her perfect imperfection
While I push further on making my desire a reality